“Circle of Impact” - report on the human impact of cluster bombs

cover rapport "circle of impact"

Ninety-eight percent of cluster submunitions casualties are civilians killed and injured while returning home in the aftermath of conflict or while going about their daily tasks to survive. These are some of the findings of Circle of Impact: The Fatal Footprint of Cluster Munitions on People and Communities, the new Handicap International report which documents the impact of cluster munitions on the lives of people and communities in 25 countries and areas.

The new report comes just one week before states gather in Lima, Peru (23-25 May), to discuss a draft text of a new treaty to ban cluster munitions and create a framework for cooperation and assistance to survivors and communities affected this weapon by 2008. Since the failure of the Convention on Conventional Weapons (CCW in Geneva), the Oslo Process this February resulted in at least 55 countries, including Afghanistan, Cambodia, Germany, Japan, Lebanon, the United Kingdom and even the United States taking initiatives towards a prohibition on cluster munitions.

Download the full report “Circle of impact” in PDF, this may take a few minutes. Please do not print or publish this report onto other websites without the permission of Handicap International Belgium.