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Huong Thi Nguyen

portrait Huong Thi Nguyen

Huong Thi Nguyen

I lost my four-year-old daughter in a cluster bomb accident in 1991. My husband, Mr. Kien Le, was injured by a cluster submunition. Working as a village health worker since 1998 in one of the areas worst affected by cluster bombs in Vietnam, I have witnessed many victims injured or killed by this deadly leftover of war.

Explosive remnants of war have given me immense pain and unreciprocated loss in my life since 1991 when a cluster bomb accident killed my four-year-old daughter and made my husband permanently disabled. I’m proud to be part of the global effort to ban this deadly weapon and I hope that the international community will help my country clean up contaminated land and that nobody would ever suffer like me.

I come from Vietnam and I will join the Ban Advocates initiative for the first time, attending the conference in Indonesia, in November 2009