Cluster Munition Coalition condemns use of cluster munitions by Libyan armed forces

Lynn having a speech
© Mary Wareham

Strong quote from Lynn Bradach, Ban Advocate, the United States of America

Reacting to reports this week that the Libyan military has used cluster munitions against rebels and civilians, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she wasn't "surprised by anything that Colonel Gaddafi and his forces do" but described the news as "worrying."

It is hard to believe that Hillary Clinton the Secretary of State for the USA can make a statement that makes it seem that a world leader is perpetrating inhumane acts against his people by using cluster bombs when her own country is know to use these same weapons in recent conflicts. Is it that he is inhumane because he is using them against his own people but if he were to use them against Iraq, Afghanistan or possibly Pakistan this could be seen as justifiable? I pray not Hillary.

The weapon has been proven to do more harm to innocent civilians than to benefit the troops in times of war. It has in fact been proven to harm our own US troops when we have chosen to use them. I personally know this fact to be true. My son a US Marine was killed by one of our own cluster bombs in Iraq.

Hillary, the use of this weapon is much more than worrying in any situation. This weapon needs to be banned. It is time the US stands up and bans the use of this "worrisome weapon".

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