We have 30 ratifications!!

Ta with his children
Ta, Ban Advocate, with his children, Lao PDR

This is A m A z I n G news! Congratulations to all! I spoke with Ayat’s father earlier today and he is happy to hear the news as well! I did not have the opportunity to speak with Ayat. But I'm sure she will become happy to hear the news.

Anwahr, Sweden

Congratulation for the 30-th ratification. Finally we made it. Great work.

Ardjana, Albania

This is really good news. Congratulations to all Ban Advocate members.

Congratulations for all of you,

Dejan, Serbia

This is really GOOD news. Congratulations to all.

Hien, Vietnam

This is a really wonderful news to finally have the 30th country on board. Finally the great effort given by every one involved in this initiative, was worth it. Congratulations to all!

Ilir, Albania


Linh, Vietnam

Good work my friends! Good work!!! Congratulations ;))))

Mina, Croatia

Wow, Exciting news. Congratulations to all Ban Advocate members!!!

Sulaiman and Soraj, Afghanistan