Mina' statement, Berlin conference on the destruction of cluster munitions

Mina Zunac
Mina Zunac at Scars of War in Ieper, Belgium

My name is Mina Zunac. I come from Croatia and I am a survivor of cluster munition attack. 98% of recorded cluster munition casualties are civilians, and I am one of them, but I am not just another number. I am a person and I am willing to stand up and demand a change. I am a Ban Advocate.

Today I'll talk about national planning, reporting and international cooperation. What does it mean?

Nantional planning

The first point we want to make is that we want you to destroy your stockpiles NOW and not on the eve of the 8 year deadline. Good, early national planning is necessary to do that, including gathering the numbers, types and location of all cluster munitions stocks, how much it will cost, and what technical and financial assistance may be needed.

Planning also includes determining what can be done in-country or if cluster munitions have to be transferred to another state. Planning also means mobilizing resources, national, or if needed, international. It means having a schedule, including when destruction should be finished.

Those are the things you need to plan really carefully – as was said earlier today – the clock will start ticking soon and 8 years go fast. Staes should have a plan in place within one year of entry into force and begin destruction within two years or less.

Planning should NOT take into account the possibility of an extension.


The treaty requires reporting on the amount of stockpiles, how states are progressing in destroying their stocks; on the amount of money and time it took to do that ….so your progress can be tracked. This is essential for getting the job done … and getting it done in time. States should also let other know about any technical, financial or other challenges they are facing.

Finally, since there is so little known now about stockpiles, we want to encourage states to make information on stocks known to-date, even before the treaty comes into force in order to build confidence, help understand what needs to be destroyed and make assistance in the future easier.

International cooperation

It is important to remember that international cooperation and assistance for stockpile destruction is a legal obligation. Without such aid, some states simply may not be able to destroy their stocks. States that may give aid should also plan early to have a budget in place. At the same time, States Parties needing help need to clearly state their needs as early as possible.

In everyday language … if you have a problem … don’t be quiet or shy, say it and you’ll get help. If you see somebody else has a problem, help them… because cluster munitions are really barbaric weapons and it needs to be destroyed. NOW!

I would like to use this moment to thank German government for the will and effort they show in transferring this very important treaty obligation in to reality

I would also like to take a moment to reflect on BAN ADVOCATES and work they have done and they are still doing. The work is just incredible. I’m honored to work with you

Thank you

Mina Zunac