Feedbacks on the Ban Advocates training program, Lynn Bradach, Germany

Lynn Bradach in Germany on training

Here we are all back together again for our last day of training. As Chris Mohr (our current trainer) said yesterday "if this is Tuesday June 23" the subject must be Event Management. I must admit the team is looking rather bleary eyed and the response to questions is not only slow but pretty much nonexistent. However I will remind everyone that this is day 10 of some pretty intense training and even the most amazing folks (which is what this team is made up of) can become overloaded.

Last night we had a final good-by party. It was the last night that at the Manor House that we be gathered just as a team of Ban Advocates. We will be working with other conference members starting Wednesday night. The mood was rather low key compared to our first couple of parties. We actually had the local police stop by to request that we quite down a bit on those occasion's. We all agreed a party is a success when the neighbors are so jealous of not being invited that they call the local police to stop the party!

On the serious side this week has been amazing. The team has taken another big step of strengthening our bonds on working together on a cause that is so important to each and everyone of us. Plans are being made to strength campaigns by doing more partnering and sharing ideas through out the coming year.

The training has been intense but amazing. I must say that I have really enjoyed every, (OK let's be real) most minutes of it. We have learned about project management, setting aims and objectives, negotiating skills, writing for speeches and lobbying, writing for blogs, and news clips and grants. (After telling you I've been trained in all these writing skills I don't want any of you deciding to grade this blog entryl) We are learning to network and target our message to different parties from donors to politicians. There is just so much information that is being given to us and I must say it has all been very inspiring and motivating for each of us.

It's my belief that once we get home and rest up a bit and I mean a rather big bit we will all hit the road running. Each of the campaigns will go to a higher level and it is my deep heartfelt belief that the US campaign will finally go beyond level one.

Lynn Bradach

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