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Ban Advocates

We are a group of women and men, boys and girls from diverse cluster munitions and landmines affected communities. We know well what a "cluster munition"  and a “landmine” means in reality, why their use must be prohibited and stockpiles destroyed, why the land should be cleared and how the victims should best be helped. We know all that because, together with other victims of cluster munitions, we have experienced the violence, exclusion and poverty caused by those indiscriminate weapons, remaining on our soil long after wars ended and threatening innocent civilians.


We advocate for a ban on cluster munitions and antipersonnel landmines and for the full implementation of victim assistance obligations so to promote and ensure the respect of the rights of survivors and affected communities. We have been involved from the beginning of the “Oslo Process”, participating to the negotiations and most importantly, giving them a human face so to make sure the convention on cluster munitions would work on concretely improving the lives of people whose suffering has been caused by cluster munitions and we succeeded. Our fight has continued and grown over the years and we continue advocating for the universalization or the Oslo and the Ottawa treaties, for the full implementation of victim assistance obligations as well as for the promotion and respect of the rights of persons with disabilities, through the UNCRPD.

Both internationally and in our respective countries, we aim at representing the voice of our fellows and we try hard, hand in hand with our networks and partners, to foster changes in policies so to make sure international obligations are respected and so to ensure the world we are living in becomes inclusive of persons with disabilities, including survivors.

The Ban Advocates project has been initiated by Handicap International in 2007 and is supported by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Norway and Belgium.

For any complementary information, please contact Jeanne Battello-