3981 euros raised by running 40 kilometers for Handicap International

The team in Seam Reap with the cheque worth 3891 euros.
Pauline Mulroy doing the marathon

Marathon for Siem Reap

We would like thank Pauline Mulroy and everyone who supported her for the donation to Handicap International. It all started with the Angkor Wat half marathon in Cambodia.

3981 euros raised by running 40 kilometers for Handicap International
"My name is Pauline Mulroy and I live and work in Singapore as a Paralegal for a software company. In December 2006 I participated in the Angkor Wat half marathon, a race designed to raise funds for the victims of landmines in Cambodia. Taking part in the 21km, 10km and 5km events were many locals fitted with prosthesis or in wheelchairs, having lost limbs caused by landmines. The efforts of these people to take part and to finish the races made a deep impression on me. Approaching the final few kilometres of the 21km event, I passed people battling to the finish line reliant on false legs. I may have been suffering physically: their efforts made me realize my pain was nothing in comparison to what it had taken them to get to where they were. True grit and determination was etched on every face I saw…. At the finish this was replaced by huge smiles and tears of elation and pride".

On 18 February, 2007, after 27 years of running, I took part in my final competitive marathon in Tokyo, Japan. I thought it would be a great idea to raise money to help support Handicap International’s PRC in Siem Reap, which uses sport as one method of helping to rehabilitate/reintegrate individuals back into their community and social surroundings.

I am glad to announce we raised 3891 euros and I want to thank everyone who supported me.'

If still wish to assist, please donate on line and mark your donation – marathon for Siem Reap.