Khushal Malek Naser Khan

portrait Khushal Malek Naser Khan

Khushal Malek Naser Khan

I was working as a paramedic team member with OMAR (a mine cleaning organization) in Kandahar in Afghanistan. On 20 April 2000, while walking, I saw a piece of (N8U) bullet lying on the ground. So I decided to pick it up and put it in a safer place till the Mine Clearance Team could come to neutralize it, but it exploded in my hand and cut off my arm at the elbow.

From then on, I have had various challenges in leading my life within the community. One of my biggest challenges has been that I lost my job as a paramedic. Before I used to work in different hospitals as a nurse and surgical assistant, but now I am not able to work in my profession anymore. The incident has not only affected me but also my family and children, who are now facing economic difficulties.

I want all the governments to ban the cluster munitions all over the world, I wish no one to become disabled like me because if you are the guardian of a family, not only you become disabled but all the family becomes disabled.

Since April 2009, I have been working for ALSO (Afghan Landmine Survivors Organization) as an Advocacy Officer in Kabul. I will join the Ban Advocates initiative for the first time, attending the conference in Indonesia in November 2009