Meeting at the US Embassy in Dushanbe

  • Umarbek Pulodov in a meeting with the with the US embassy representative

On 12 March 2010 we, TCBL (Tajikistan Campaign to Ban Landmines) representatives (Bakhtiyor Begmuradov, Aziza Hakimova) and myself as a Ban Advocate, had a meeting (business lunch) with the US embassy representative, Mr. William von Zagorski, Political Officer.

Our meeting was held in a very friendly environment. We introduced ourselves first, we told him about our activity worldwide and in Tajikistan, and then we informed him of the history of the MBT and ICBL's role. We delivered ICBL's press release to him and we explained why the US should join the MBT treaty.

We also stated our vision and expressed our desire for the US to review the policy on joining the MBT, which would influence our country and other neighboring countries in the region, where the situation in this regard is quite complicated. He agreed with all the arguments put forward by us during the conversation. And it seems he was impressed by our global campaign carried out in 60 countries around the world.

After our presentation Mr. von Zagorski expressed his commitment to our goals and mission. He underlined that he would send a report on our meeting back to the US capital. Moreover he promised to keep us informed on any progress with the US policy review.

I think that on the whole, this meeting was quite positive.

Umarbek Pulodov