Norva Lee

Portrait Norva  speeching

Norva Lee

My accident occurred several years ago, when six friends and I were hunting in the forest. We had ventured far from my village, and were seven kilometers from my family home.

When my friends and I arrived at the forest that day, we separated. I was walking through the forest alone when I stepped on a bomb that was on the ground. It exploded, and immediately I was in torturous pain. I had lost my left leg, and had bomb fragments throughout my body.

Within time, my friends found me, writhing on the ground, covered in blood. They directed my younger brother to tell my parents and the villagers to carry me to my village.

At that time, there was no car, dispensary or hospital in that area, and the path on which we were back to the village was not good. The villagers who were assisting had to carry me for seven kilometers, which took two hours.

For two years I was treated by a traditional doctor, but with time, it became apparent that I was not recovering. I had to be treated in a hospital for six months, and had an artificial leg made so that I could walk around the village.

The accident affected my livelihood significantly because losing my left leg made moving around difficult. The treatment cost one million kip.

My family helped me to get through the initial time following my accident, and eventually I became self-sufficient again. I would like to be employed so that I could contribute better to the family’s finances.