Support to Somaliland Rehabilitation Services

revalidation center
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Objective: To improve the quality, coverage and sustainability of assistance services for victims of conflict, especially rehabilitation services, via the mobilization of all relevant stakeholders and the active participation of users and civil society. This project was run between January 2009 and December 2012.Method: Providing rehabilitation services to people with physical disabilities in general, with a particular focus on war victims; building the institutional and technical capacity of DAN (Disabilty Action Network) in order to enable them to become an autonomous sustainable service provider and the reference centre for physical disabilities.Beneficiaries: 12000 PWDs each yearPartners: National Disability Coordination Comitee; Civil society organizations (Disability Action Netwprk, Somaliland Red Crescent Society , Somaliland National Disability Forum) Ministry of Health and Labour,  Ministry of Family Affairs and Social Development, Geographic location: Hargeisa, Borama, Berbera, Burao and Erigavo