First intersessional meeting on the Convention on Cluster Munitions

Ban Advocates in Geneve

More than 400 diplomatic representatives from 81 countries attended the first intersessional meetings of the 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions from 27-30 June 2011. They joined representatives from UN agencies, the ICRC, and a CMC delegation of 100 campaigners from 40 countries to discuss progress against the ban.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and gain clarity on progress in implementing the Convention in time for the 2nd Meeting of States Parties (2MSP), taking place in September in Beirut, Lebanon.

Five Ban Advocates were actively engaged in this meeting: Raed Mokaled from Lebanon; Lynn Bradach from the United States; Thoummy Silamphan together with Seevue Xaykia as Interpreter and Ban Advocates National Coordinator from Lao PDR; Sladjan and Dusica Vuckovic together with Sanja Ignjatovic as Interpreter from Serbia.

The Ban Advocates lobbied for several delegations namely, Bosnia, Cambodia, China, Croatia, Lebanon and Vietnam.

On 28th June, during the plenary session on Victim Assistance, both Thoummy and Raed had the opportunity to deliver a strong speech on behalf of the CMC.

After this working week in Geneva, we all look forward to meeting again soon in Beirut, where our Lebanese Ban Advocate, Raed, together with the Lebanese campaign, will be pleased to welcome many campaigners from all over the world, in September 2011.

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