Branislav calls on countries to uphold the standards set by the Convention on Cluster Munitions, Geneva, November 2011

Branislav delivering his statement
© CMC, Branislav Kapetanovic, Ban Advocate and CMC Spokeperson from Serbia

“My name is Branislav Kapetanovic. I worked as a deminer for the army, until I was injured by the BLU-97. We call them “Zute –ubice” – Yellow killers. If you look at the consequences these cluster munitions have on deminers, you can only imagine the devastating effects they have on the civilians.

I feel that too much has been done during the past three years to simply be put aside. All these issues have been addressed carefully and thoroughly; and now, with this draft protocol, it seems like we are starting over.

I was so happy when the CCM came through, but now, I feel very sad, and bewildered, because it seems that these cluster munitions, even the notorious BLU 97 could continue to be used under the legal cover provided by the Protocol VI. This would only lead to more casualties; more deminers getting injured or killed, more civilians’ lives torn apart.

I urge you to address the urgent humanitarian problems that cluster munitions cause and not to allow their continued use under this draft protocol.”

Branislav Kapetanovic

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