Arm advocacy assistant

Arm advocacy assistant

Land: België

Stad: Brussel

Indiensttreding: 02/01/2017

Uiterste datum om te solliciteren: 02/01/2017

Vacaturereferentie:  DIR-ASS-STH-3125


Handicap International is an independent and impartial international aid organization working in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. Working alongside persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups, our action and testimony are focused on responding to their essential needs, improving their living conditions and promoting respect for their dignity and their fundamental rights.
Handicap International is a not-for-profit organization with no religious or political affiliation. It operates as a federation made up of a network of associations that provide it with human and financial resources, manage its projects and implement its actions and social mission.


Currently present in 60 countries, of which more than 40 are affected by mines and explosive remnants of war (ERW), Handicap International remains strongly committed to its mission: protecting civilians from the effects of armed conflict, ensuring access to an adapted and comprehensive response for victims of mines and explosive remnants of war (ERW), persons with disabilities and most vulnerable people in contexts of crises and post-crises, and calling for recognition of their needs and respect of their rights at the international and national level.

Advocacy is a key component of Handicap International social mission and is rooted in our action on the field. Our objective is to achieve policy change to increase the impact and meaning of our action. It implies liaising with policy makers, engaging with networks, participating in international conferences and events, raising awareness of the general public and the media.

Our advocacy on arms encompasses universalization and implementation of the Mine Ban Treaty and of the Convention on Cluster Munitions, with a strong focus on the need to implement victim assistance obligations in links with other international instruments. We also work towards a political declaration to prevent the harm caused by the use of explosive weapons in populated areas.


Objective: Under the supervision of the arm advocacy manager, you will provide support to the advocacy team in implementing activities to achieve policy change on arms related topics. Your main missions will relate to the following priorities:
• Produce strong evidence-based guidance and advocacy for adequate policies at the national and international level, assisting victims of mines and other explosive remnants of war (ERW) with a particular focus on ensuring an integrated approach to victim assistance under the Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM) and other relevant treaties.
• In collaboration with the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) and the CMC, increase the number of States Parties to the Anti-Personal Mine Ban Convention (APMBC) and the CCM and ensure that the universalization and implementation of these conventions stay a priority for the international community.
• Ensure the voice of survivors and others impacted by the use of mine/ERW is heard in relevant fora and that their influence on decision-making is facilitated, by supporting their participation in national and international events, discussions and campaigning activities.

Major duties and responsibilities

- Support elaboration and publication of evidence (factsheets, briefing papers, case studies, reports…) on arm related topics with a focus on the above mentioned issues
- Prepare and facilitate meetings with decision makers in charge of disarmament issued
- Facilitate exchanges and working group sessions with key development and human rights networks
- Assist in liaising with HI programs, supporting data collection (for Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor) and national events to ensure universalization and implementation on Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Treaty and Cluster Munitions Conventions
- Assist in the organization of side events at international conferences and meetings to share best practices and lessons learned.
o Facilitate the participation of victims and their representative organizations
o Follow-up on the implementation of the Maputo and Dubrovnik Action Plans.
- Assist with travel and other conference logistics (side events, HI delegation coordination etc.)
- Assist with communication (sending letters, writing articles etc.)
- Prepare and disseminate documents internally and externally
- Ensure watch and monitoring of arms related issues (campaigns, other NGOs, media, States position etc.)
- Follow-up on arms advocacy budget

Type of contract: internship following the Belgian legislation


- Education: Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in any of the following disciplines; Peace, Conflict Management; Political Science; Anthropology; Sociology; Law; Diplomacy and International relations; Information and Technology.
- Experience: at least one first experience of work or good knowledge in advocacy, arms topics or field experience for NGO.
- Good writing and communication skills and good presentation techniques.
- Languages: Fluent written and spoken English. a good command of French, Dutch, or other languages is desirable
- IT skills - MS Office applications (Excel, Word and Power Point); good knowledge of social media (twitter, blog etc.)


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