Handicap International helps to prevent and limit the impact of disabilities, by offering assistance to people with disabilities and those at risk of disability and supporting them in their efforts towards autonomy and social integration.


Zaatari camp, refugees walkingloture
Emilie Luciani, Emergency Response Project Manager for the Syria Crisis, knows well this country: before starting with Handicap International, she...
Danse organisée par les enfants du club inclusif
In Rwanda, Kenya and Burundi, where Handicap International is working to eliminate sexual violence, children with disabilities are three to four...

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Raed giving his interview in front of the Pyramid
Ban Advocate Raed Mokaled from Lebanon participated to the Pyramid of Shoes in Paris last 28th of September. The pyramid was located Place de la...
Umarbek-Thi and Aynelem
The Ban Advocates have work hard this week in Lusaka to advocate for the effective implementation of the convention, its promotion as well as the one...

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